Wellness Consultations

What is a wellness (herbal) consultation?

It’s a comprehensive appointment that focuses on YOU – in addition to your specific concerns, we discuss all aspects of your health to get a wholistic picture of what’s going great in your life, and what could use some support. After the 45-minute discussion, I formulate a custom strategy, including recommendations for lifestyle and dietary enhancements as well as an herbal formulation (or two) that I create to uniquely address your specific needs. Typically, a follow-up appointment is scheduled a few weeks later to check in and update the treatment strategy as needed.

What happens during an herbal consultation?

The initial consultation starts before we meet for the first time. Upon confirming your appointment, you will complete an intake form which will take between 30-40 minutes to complete. Returning the completed form prior to the appointment will allow me to adequately prepare for our meeting.

We will talk for 45-60 minutes. I will ask about a number of aspects of your life and health, driven by your primary concerns as well as the responses on your intake form. My goal is to get a complete picture of how you are doing overall, and where you need support.

After the initial discussion, I will formulate a treatment strategy. This will include custom herbal blends in your preferred format. I will also offer suggestions for supporting diet and lifestyle modifications (for example, adding ‘one more’ vegetable to your daily routine, and meditating for 5 minutes before bed).

Together we will select suggestions that you are most comfortable with and that you believe will be most helpful (and achievable). It’s important that the proposed strategy is a joint venture; we are a team and I want you to be in charge of your health and wellness. The first appointment typically takes about 90 minutes. You may purchase your custom-blended herbs same day or for pick-up at a later day.